Our staff and board represent the communities we serve. We are always striving for equity, inclusion, and diversity in every way, at all levels at EMERGE. 

Mohamed Ali

Senior Director of Workforce Programs
Meet Mohamed

Shukri Ali

Employment Counselor

Aaron Ash

Workforce Coordinator
Meet Aaron

Britani Baker

Coordinator of Workforce Programs & Operations

Emily Barter

Data, Reporting and Evaluation Specialist

Omar Bashir

Employment Counselor

Grayson Betz

AmeriCorp CTEP Member

Loren Boston


Marvin Clark

Workforce Coach

Nina Coleman

Financial Wellness Coordinator

Ed Donoghue

Facilities Lead, Second Chance Recycling

Kait Ecker

AmeriCorp MOC Member

Deqa Essa

Vice President of Finance & Administration
Meet Deqa

Linda Garay

Senior Accountant

Elizabeth Gehlen

UOC Direct Program Support Specialist

Tom Gibson

Director of Training and Education
Meet Tom

Sherry Glanton

Director of MFIP
Meet Sherry

Renisha Gray

Internship Coordinator

Danci Greene

Manager of Data, Reporting, and Evaluation
Meet Danci

JaTuan Griffin

MFIP Manager

Aisha Haji-Mumin

Training Coach

Katherine Helander

Communications Specialist

Samsam Karar

Accounting Associate

Emma Leither

AmeriCorp CTEP Member

Larcell Mack

Restore Coordinator

Samia Mahmud

Employment Counselor

Terra Mayfield

Vice President of Programs
Meet Terra

Vincent Millender Jr.


Khadro Mohamed

Workforce Coach

Salma Mohamed

Workforce Coach

Cheri Moseman

Workforce Coach

Martin Mounger

Senior Custodian

Ahmed Nur

MFIP Manager

Jill Pearson-Wood

Vice President of Advancement
Meet Jill

Jordynne Rogers

Employment Counselor

LaMalena Saengdara

Contract Manager

Lalise Sai

Workforce Coach

Laila Said

MFIP Case Aide

Katherine Shane

Grants Officer

Jeffrey Shockley

AmeriCorp OC Member

Sue Simmons

Payroll and Benefits Coordinator

Amal Siyad

Employment Counselor

Kris Solz

Director of Human Resources
Meet Kris

Tayler Stokes

Training Coach

Alan Stovall

Youth Employment and Education Coordinator

Dario Tangelson

Training Coach

Veronica Tucker

Training Coach

Sydney Velez

Marketing & Communications Manager
Meet Sydney

Kira Wagner

Employment Counselor

Will Wallace

Youth Programs Director
Meet Will

Amaal Warfa

Employment Counselor

Joe Williams

Employment Counselor

Mike Wynne

President & CEO
Meet Mike

Sara Yueill

Administrative and Facilities Manager