Social Enterprises

EMERGE’s social enterprises provide jobs to those who have significant barriers to employment. Participants get additional support and encouragement, as they practice good work behaviors. At the same time, EMERGE provides a wide array of additional services to social enterprise employees.  These include mental health support, Job Club, financial wellness classes, and trauma recovery assistance.

Jobs at our social enterprises serve as bridges to other jobs.  When ready, participants are well-equipped to transition to other employment.  Each business offers a unique path to a common goal, a career!

In addition, EMERGE’s social enterprises provide a valuable service to the community and environment, along with revenue for the organization.

Second Chance Recycling

Second Chance Recycling is a social enterprise business renewing our communities by annually employing more than 100 people overcoming barriers to employment, turning mattress waste into new products, and supporting a cleaner planet. To date, we have recycled over 500,000 mattresses and kept 20 million pounds of recyclable material out of landfills.


Furnish Office & Home

Furnish Office & Home is our nonprofit resale store where community members can find deals on an ever-changing selection of gently used office and home furniture. Furnish Office & Home provides retail and customer service experience for qualifying participants to build and diversify resumes of people overcoming barriers to employment.