Services FAQ

EMERGE is a multi-faceted organization and it can be challenging to understand how the continuum of services works. We’re here to help make it clear. Our most commonly asked questions are answered below. Can’t find the answers you need? Contact us instead.

Each program has individual eligibility requirements. Please check the page of the program or service you’re interested in.

Support services are a benefit of enrolling in our programs. Once you are working with a coach, they will determine which support services you’re eligible for and how you can access them. Some examples of support services are: transportation assistance, rental assistance, technology, and emergency funding.

It depends on the program or service how wide or narrow the geographic requirements are. With virtual programming, many areas have widened their participant pool to include other areas.

Yes! EMERGE builds programs and services to work together so one participant can get resources from many angles. Once enrolling, ask your coach about other programs or services you’re interested in.