Second Chance Recycling

1179 15th Avenue Southeast Minneapolis, MN 55414 Phone: (612) 332-0664

EMERGE Enterprises operates social enterprise businesses that support primarily men exiting incarceration who need to build employability skills before entering in the mainstream workforce.

EMERGE’s largest social enterprise, Second Chance Recycling, is a mattress and battery recycling enterprise that employs about 80 transitional employees per year who have barriers to employment. Second Chance trainees work for 6-9 months processing more than 100 tons of batteries, removing large amounts of metals and toxic chemicals from the environment. They also deconstruct about 55,000 mattresses per year. See the video describing how we can expand this number further!

Trainees are easily trained in the basic skills of the job, and can then learn skills like workplace safety, efficiency, and productivity, line work, machine handling, forklift operation, materials processing, or truck driving.  They are also motivated to move on to better jobs as soon as they are ready.

In 2018, Second Chance also became the sole manufacturer and distributor of Solavore Ovens, a socially conscious start-up company that sells solar ovens for use in disaster relief, regions lacking infrastructure, and off-the-grid applications. Solavore ovens cook with the power of the sun and avoid the health, safety and environmental risks of cooking with wood or coal. Use of solar ovens in places like Africa and Haiti reduces the environmental impact of gathering firewood; reduces environmental toxicity in homes through reduced exposure to smoke from open hearth cooking and dramatically reduce the labor of women and girls traditionally responsible for food production. While still a small part of our work, Solavore is growing rapidly and the partnership is both providing trainee jobs that build skills in manufacturing, shipping, and receiving and also meeting our environmental mission.

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