Greg’s Story – Hitting the Ground Running

Greg came across a flyer for EMERGE while he was still incarcerated. He reached out and connected with our staff while still in prison.  Because he was so eager to get going, his case manager arranged for him to start work on the day after his release. Greg hit the ground running. 

Hired at Second Chance, one of EMERGE’s social enterprises, Greg quickly learned the job skills needed and became an asset to the team. He completed Fork Lift Training and accepted all types of on-the-job training available. He took advantage of virtually everything EMERGE had to offer.  This included mental health support, Job Club, Financial Wellness classes, and trauma recovery assistance. Greg participated in everything.

Greg told us, “I knew I had to get back in the swing of things and work my way up. The staff at EMERGE believed in me, so I believed in them. I didn’t want to let anyone down.”

Over his time with us, Greg learned a lot. Most importantly, he learned to believe in himself, seeing potential he never knew was there.  He used his new resume, his new interview skills, and his new self-confidence to transition out of Second Chance Recycling and into a new job. Eighteen months after leaving prison, Greg had stable housing, money in the bank, and a car. He now works for a concrete construction company,making $42 an hour.

What’s next for Greg?  Here’s what he told us.  “I am getting my one-year goals out of the way, and I have my 5 year goals written down. I’m confident in them. I don’t have time to make mistakes anymore. I’m very optimistic that my future is bright.”