K’Sean’s Story: Becoming a New Person

K’Sean was homeless and struggling when he came to EMERGE. When he first walked through our doors, he didn’t know what to expect. “I thought it would be like any other workforce center, I would fill out forms. I didn’t expect to meet all these great people. At EMERGE, they dedicate themselves personally to help you achieve. For a lot of people, it’s just a job, but here at EMERGE you really become a family and a community.”

K’Sean now has goals and was able to use resources through the North 4 program to work towards them. “I wanted to find a career. And that’s what they helped me do at EMERGE. With North 4, we went on college tours and did mock interviews.”

K’Sean was placed at Redeemer Center for Life for his North 4 internship. He flourished there, and they helped him find stable housing. Since completing North 4, K’Sean was able to continue working with EMERGE. He now has a steady temp job at Highlight Printing through EmergeWORKS.

“I’ve learned a lot of things. I’m planning to follow a career in this. I can grow into it.” K’Sean has the potential to be hired on and says, “So far, they are very welcoming. My supervisor, Lisa, has been helpful and helped accommodate me so I can get this experience.”

K’Sean has made a huge shift in his life and goals. “I’m still new to all this. I’m learning I don’t need to be afraid of change. I’m still learning how to react to everything changing so fast. These new changes are a lot of positive things. I am a new mefrom the person who I was to the person I am becoming.