Jimmy’s Story: Being a Good Father

Jimmy headshot

Five years ago, Jimmy’s life was unstructured. He admits, “As a single parent, I was kind of selfish – the decisions I made were not good for a child. It led me to homelessness. I always had a job and made a good wage, but my lifestyle on the whole wasn’t healthy. We were homeless and I heard about EMERGE.”

With one child in his custody at the time, he joined the Fathers And Children Together (FACT) program and moved into an apartment in South Minneapolis. “FACT was it. At times, I didn’t have it together and they would step up and make sure I did. They want you to go back to work. Find and keep a job. I said I wanted to go back to school.” Jimmy’s FACT advocate gave him that chance. FACT provided Jimmy’s books and supplies and checked in on him once or twice a month to make sure he was on track. “They put me on a path to success.”

In 2012, Jimmy finished the Surgical Technician program at St. Mary’s University. Today, he is still working in healthcare as Reimbursement Manager at McKesson Medical-Surgical Suppliers. He chose to work in an office with daytime hours so that he could be there for his children. Jimmy says, “FACT helped me address my situation and be honest with myself. It helped me clean my act up . . . Now I focus on my children.”

Jimmy also gives back to his community by volunteering at his church and serving on the EMERGE Board of Directors. Jimmy says, “I want to see what I was able to do here [at EMERGE] duplicated. I want to get in the community and help individuals to know what is possible.”