Davin’s Story: Conquering your dreams

Davin always had a passion for the sciences, specifically in environmental sustainability, but didn’t know where to apply his interests.

During his time at EMERGE, Davin had taken solar panel installation classes and often read about numerous technological advancements happening all around him but felt disconnected from the work. He also felt that his lack of experience working in such fields would hinder his ability to one day become a full-time employee with a company that specialized in applied science.

After Colin, an EMERGE employment specialist, encouraged Davin to attend a career fair, Davin was introduced to staff members from Medtronic and was ultimately hired as a temporary contractor.

Although Davin was working in his preferred field, he couldn’t shake the feeling of insecurity. However, by taking advantage of the career lab offered by Medtronic and attending regular coaching sessions with Colin, Davin was able to soothe his insecurities of working in an environment that required extensive technical details and was able to flourish in his position and became a full-time employee.

After enjoying the benefits of becoming a full-time employee in his chosen field, Davin refuses to allow his self-doubts hold him back in any of his future career endeavors.