David’s Story: Transport Crucial to Success

David headshot

In 2014, David was unemployed and going through a period of homelessness. He came to EMERGE hoping for a job, and was quickly placed on his first temp assignment through EmergeWORKS.

He says, “I came to EMERGE because of transportation specifically. I don’t have a car or a license.” He shares that he would not have been able to take EmergeWORKS temp jobs and make ends meet without access to EMERGE’s van program. “My first job when I came to EMERGE was in Eagan. I would not have been able to do my job without the transport service. Transport is a challenge for a lot of people in this community. You can’t buy a vehicle without the money that you don’t have without the job. The van program is so needed.” Since then, David has worked consistently with Clean Construction on temp assignments, and he says, “I love it. They are good people.”

The van service has helped thousands of participants keep jobs and continue on a pathway to success since 2000. Says David, “I have definitely benefited from having rides. If the vans had not been there, I wouldn’t have my own place. I probably wouldn’t have a job, I’d probably still be looking for a job!

David’s situation has definitely improved in the last 18 months. He is currently working towards reinstating his license and saving for a car. He hopes to be hired on at Clean Construction, become part of the team, and advance with the company. He says, simply, “Clean Construction is a job I enjoy doing. Knowing I have a ride to get there definitely makes it better.”